There is 4 LandOwner Associations to date.
Fort Berthold LandOwners Association, Roger Bird Bear
The Fort Berthold Allotees and Minerals Association, Tex Hall, President, 
Awa Nuxbaaga Land Owners Association, Karen Stevens, President
Twinn Buttes Land Owners, Pete Fredericks, President

Here is some information for people who are mineral owners. There is an Oil Company who is assigning their leases to another Oil Company and all that is required is the okay from the BIA Superintendent. This is true but the mineral owner has to be notified and the mineral owner has to get paid first. If the mineral owner does not want their minerals re-assigned then they have to go to the BIA and object in writing. They can then take their minerals and lease them out again. This information was given to the mineral owners at a Land Owners meeting by Land Owners Association member Roger Bird Bear. The Land Owners will be having another meeting on November 4, 2009 at the New Town Civic Center at 3:00 anyone is welcome to join or attend. The only way to find out for sure is to attend the meeting. I hope we did not misquote Roger or put words in his mouth.


  Here is some information for Land Owners. To lease land for a Pipe Line your land is worth up to $6,000.00 per acre. The rate offered is $1,100.00 an acre which is to low. This information will also be available at the Land Owners meeting on 11/4/2009 @ New Town Civic Center @ 3:00.


  There was also some talk about our local Oil Companies not being owned by natives but by “White Guys”. Why did the Tribe need locals to practically give away our Tribal Land Mineral Leases? The answer is simple they do not own minerals and were looking for a way to “Cash” in on Tribal Lands the same way they cash in on Grazing Units, they have no cows but get first pick on range units and pay minimum AUM and charge non-indians $51 per AUM. These “fall guys” who own the Oil Companies are taking the risk and the Council is going to pick up there loot down the road when everything is done and over.


  The Council could have done the right thing and put up all Tribal Lands for Auction and got a good price but they gave leases to Oil Companies without bidding for them. Certain Councilmen were involved with Oil Companies it appears and some of these companies flipped their leases and made millions off our Tribal Lands why wasn’t the TBC looking out for the people?  When they go to DC and say they are not getting enough money they should remember we had a chance to be financially secure.


  The BIA looked the other way on this and they and the TBC should be held accountable for their incompetence. Both agencies are supposed to look out for the peoples minerals. This is another cobell case but it is our own people stealing resources that belong to the Indians. Someone in the BIA is going to have to answer some questions but it might have to be in the next administration.

 Trying to get rich quick off Tribal Lands

They must find it difficult........

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