The Innervoice Organization was created to inform the Fort Berthold Enrolled membership about the issues that affect them. We are not a Political Organization but a group of Enrolled Members concerned about the future of our Tribes and the Future of our relatives yet to come. We have no intention of causing harm or damage to any person or persons but will ask the tough questions when corruption, malfeasance, and inequality are brought to peoples attention.


These are questions we as Tribal members have a right to know and there are many other concerns but these are some immediate questions we have a right to ask.


There are some serious questions that must be asked of our Leaders concerning the Oil Leasing of our tribally owned Land shared by all Tribal members. Why wasnít this major Financial Venture brought to the people? Why wasnít it researched and planned to get the best deal for everyone? Why did our Tribal members who have no experience in the Oil business receive Tribal Land to Lease without any bidding process? What is the Plan for the Oil revenues? Why is our Leaders unwilling to talk publicly about our Tribally Owned Land Oil Leases? Are any of our Tribal Council members involved as partners in these Oil Companies?


There are questions about our debt we owe as a tribe. What is our Debt? What Tribal Resources have been put up for Collateral?  Who made loans to the tribe?  What are the payment terms and the interest of the loans? What is the plan to repay these loans? What were the loans used for? Why didnít every enrolled member benefit from these loans? Whoís accountable if the Tribe defaults on these Loans? What improvements have been made due to recent loans?


There are questions as to why certain people got big loans from the Tribe and the Small Loans Program. What financial criteria are needed to get a Loan from the Tribe? What sound business practices are being applied to these loans? What equality process is applied to ensure fairness for all enrolled members? What are the repayment terms and how are they enforced? Why is the Small Loans department closed? Why do certain members get thousands and others get five hundred a loan? Is it true that certain staff received thousands of dollars from small loans and are being indicted?


There are some questions about the new Housing initiative. Why did people who already have a home given a new home? Why did the Tribal Chairmanís wife receive a new house? Why did the Tribes former Chief of Staff receive a house before other homeless or impoverished families? Why did our HIP Director receive a new house? What are the criteria for receiving a new house? Why is there only two hundred homes being built everyone needs a new house? Why is a Councilman on the FBHA board of Directors? Why did our Council buy enrolled members houses when they could have built two for a lot less? Why is the Tribal Council making a hundred million plus dollar loan to build two hundred homes when they have enough to build a thousand new homes?


There are some questions about our Casino. Why is our General Manager still working at the Casino is it to keep the TBC happy? Why isnít our Council concerned that this is a Conflict of Interest? Why are three of the four owners of  Dakota 3 employed by the Casino? Why do only certain tribal members receive a large amount of players cash and others donít receive any at all? Why donít we receive per cap payments like other Tribes? Why donít our enrolled members receive a minimum of ten dollars an hour starting wage? Why arenít there any improvements at the Casino?

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